Awards and Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Navy League Medal of Excellence

  1.  Attended a minimum of 80% of all activities in the current training year
  2. Achieved the rank of Petty Officer second class or higher.
  3. Consistently set an outstanding personal example of dress and deportment.
  4. Demonstrated a thorough grasp of cadet training, as indicated by promotions, examinations and previous awards.
  5. Demonstrated good citizenship through community service activities.

Lord Strathcona Medal

  1. Must have a high level of physical fitness
  2. Completed at least Phase 3 and hold the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class
  3. Have met all requirements of their Corps Mandatory training program
  4. Have met all requirements of their Optional training programs
  5. Be regard by peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model Cadet

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence

  1. Have fulfilled all requirements of the corps local headquarters annual mandatory training program and participated in 75% of the optional training;
  2. Have participated in at least three community service events, in addition to the corps supported programs;
  3. Must be seen by peers and superiors to exemplify the model cadet and enhance his/her corps status by:
    1. co-operation with peers and superiors
    2. comradeship
    3. promotion of goodwill and morale within the corps
    4. supporting and assisting corps members
    5. enhancing the image of Cadets in the local community