Supply Department

A new process has been implemented for Cadets requiring replacement uniform parts.  To streamline the requisition and issuing of uniform parts, Cadets are asked to fill in an online form outlining what they need replaced to parade with a complete uniform.

REMEMBER: Cadets are responsible for this task.

 How do I submit a request?

  • The form is available on the Corps website here.
  • There will be a computer available for use by the Supply Officer
  • Be sure to fill in all the fields on the form to make sure your request is processed properly.
  • Select from the check boxes which uniform parts you require.
  • Please note that some kit parts (such as parkas, gloves, toques and tilly hats) may be issued at a lower priority than other parts.
  • It is important to include the current item sizes when requesting replacement. If you are unsure about the size, or the item has been lost and you cannot recall the size, please include that information.
  • Include the reason for replacement. The Corps has a limited budget of credits to work with in the uniform system and we need to account for any kit needing replacement. Knowing the reason for replacement allows us to better manage our inventory and request increased budget when required.
  • If you are exchanging kit, please return it to the Supply office no later than 7 days after new kit has been issued. You are required to turn kit in in the same form you received it (i.e. clean and with any badges of rank, position or accomplishments removed).

 When can I submit a request?

  • ANYTIME! Requests must be submitted through the Corps website.
  • Cadets can see the Supply Officer or a member of the Supply Department during stand easy if assistance is needed in filling in the form.
  • This request must be submitted at least 7 days (one week) before the requested kit is required.
  • The Supply Office will not issue kit requested in the same night, or kit not requested through the online form unless it is an emergency and the item is in stock.

When will my supply order arrive?

  • If the item requested is in stock; orders will be ready the following week.
  • If materials need to be ordered in it can take 4 to 6 weeks. Best practice is to place orders as soon as you learn it needs to be replaced.
  • Supply Department will notify Cadets during evening announcements that supply is ready to be picked up after liberty boats.

Please see the Supply Department team if you have questions.

Supply Officer – CI Nishiyama